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A Digital Resource on Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic Issues

About Black Europe Resources

Welcome to Black Europe Resources!

Black Europe Resources is a Digital Resource solely edited by Thushari Perera (she/her) on a voluntary (unpaid) basis.

Black Europe Resources aims to educate and increase individual and collective knowledge and understanding of Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic (BAME) issues both in the United Kingdom and continental Europe.

Black Europe Resources’ objectives are to:

  • Raise awareness, highlight and promote issues and resources relating to BAME communities that are not necessarily widely known by the general public.
  • Diversify quick and easy access to BAME-related resources, especially open access resources.
  • Offer Blogposts relating to BAME communities (e.g. reviewseventscommentsbooks, reports, podcastsfilms etc.).
  • Provide Newsletters which focus on race and diversity:
    • Current regular Newsletters include (available according to availability):
      • The Black & Asian Heritage Mix’ Newsletter (monthly) which focuses on museumslibrariesarchives and the arts sectors.
      • The Black & Asian News (weekly/3 issues per month) which is a topical news round-up that includes sections on education, health, the media, culture & entertainment etc. both in the UK and wider Europe.

Please note that there is usually no weekly Black & Asian News at the end of the month.

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You can also follow Black Europe Resources on Twitter @Blackeresources

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