Black Europe Resources

A Digital Resource on Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic Issues


Black Europe Resources is an independent digital resource edited solely by Thushari Perera on a voluntary (unpaid) basis.


Black Europe Resources is currently in a development phase and hope it will be able to offer digital donation options via PayPal at some stage.

Unfortunately, due to funding and technical limitations, I currently do not have the capacity to offer any paid advertising space or sponsored content on my website (any links to external content is on a spontaneous and free basis).

In the meantime, please note that free likes or retweets of my newsletters and blogposts also help a lot. Your feedback is also very important, please contact Black Europe Resources by e-mail with suggestions on how to improve the newsletters. Please include the heading “FEEDBACK” in caps, thank you.

Alternatively, please take a few minutes to comment directly on WordPress.


  • Reference to external content is not an endorsement of a company, product or service.
  • Black Europe Resources reserves the right to investigate and write critically about any issue, individual or company and maintain its editorial independence.
  • Contact E-mail: (Kindly allow minimum two weeks for a reply.)

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