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In this issue, the first article I invite you to read is written by Bidisha. It is about the book “Black Tudors: the Untold Story” by Miranda Kaufmann. That timely book challenges preconceptions about the Black presence in the UK and clearly voices that “Black history did not start with slavery.” The second article reminds us that Britain pioneered the infamous transatlantic slave trade, and that even institutions as prestigious as the British Museum are, according to a new book by James Delbourgo, a “product of slavery.” Relatedly, James M. Smith’s article interestingly argues that London’s new Holocaust Memorial by architect Sir David Adjaye “should not ignore the roots of racism shared with the slave trade.” 

Another memory site,  the India Club in London, which was a meeting place for leading intellectuals and politicians associated with India’s independence, is fighting for survival. Ironically, this is happening when we are celebrating the UK-India Year of Culture with various projects and exhibitions. The UK is also the host of the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting (CHOGM) in April 2018 to reinforce international alliances. Several cultural programmes relating to Black and Asian heritage are to be expected.

I hope you will enjoy discovering or rediscovering these resources as much as me.

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Black Tudors

1. Tudor, English and black – and not a slave in sight (The Guardian, 29 October 2017)

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2. The British Museum Was a Wonder of Its Time—But Also a Product of Slavery (Smithsonian, 30 October 2017) 

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3. London’s new Holocaust Memorial should not ignore the roots of racism shared with slave trade (New Statesman, 24 October 2017)

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4. India Club in London fights for survival (The Hindu, 21 September 2017)

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5. Who owns the heritage of traditional medicine? (Apollo Magazine, 30 October 2017)

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Knights of the Raj photo

6. Knights of the Raj: History of Bangladeshi Restaurants in Britain (Prothom Alo, 4 November 2017)

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7. Illuminating India: The genius of making a little go a long way (New Scientist, 10 October 2017)

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Jambo Cinema

8. Jambo Cinema At Wolverhampton Art Gallery (Funny Things, 25 October 2017)

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9. The Subversive Power of Calypso Music (BBC, 11 October 2017)

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10. Sir Lenny Henry to explore Commonwealth legacy in new programme (Melan Mag, 31 October 2017)

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