If not, be aware that even the Spectator recommends you to “forget the Reith Lectures to understand the world” and to listen to George the Poet instead, the winner of this year’s British Podcast Award. Uncharacteristically, the Guardian however finds the topics covered in this 2018’s eight-part series “relevant to young British BAME people”, though empasises it is “not an exclusive programme”, as it “provides a mix of drama, news, poetry, observations, lived experience, experimental ideas and music”.

“We visit places: a party in Kampala, a living room on a London estate, a funeral, a class in school. And – hallelujah – listeners are expected to keep up, to go with the flow in all senses, not to question the form but to relate to the content.” (Miranda Sawyer, The Guardian)

I’ve never heard anything quite like it… Music is the backbone, but it’s not invasive. The production is sophisticated, easy on the ear. George himself has a made-for-radio microphone technique, his voice melodic, his manner intimate.” (Kate Chisholm, The Spectator)

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