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The presence of Black, Asian and other minority ethnic communities in Europe is often ignored or erased by mainstream media, which focus mainly on the United States. The life and struggles of ‘ordinary’ people of colour (POC) in Europe is rarely reported, except perhaps in the United Kingdom. I however always wonder why even the British media does not invest more in ‘minority’ news stories in Europe. Can British journalists who are predominantly white and Oxbridge-educated only speak English?

I have tried, as usual, to select some interesting news articles, films and podcasts (Please click on the title to access them.) for you to explore despite limitations in resources. The news story that I liked is from El Pais (English) and titled A Spanish bar becomes popular with African workers, and the locals walk away”. It reminded me of what the Swiss author Max Frisch said: “We asked for workers and human beings came”.

You may also like the free UEFA documentary Outraged on diversity and racism in football. And if you are ready to venture outside the Anglo-Saxon “Christmassy films bubble”, try the free Arte Kino Festival (1-31 December 2020). You first need to register via e-mail to access the films. I just watched “THF: Central Airport” by Karim Aïnouz about the life of Syrians in a refugee centre in Germany.

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Image by AliceKeyStudio from Pixabay 

Before Windrush: West Indians in Britain, Morning Star, December 2020

“Little-known are the stories of the West Indians who lived in Britain in the 18th and 19th centuries and contributed to this country through politics, sport, writing, medicine and the military.”


Ballet Black’s Cassa Pancho Is Fighting Racism in Ballet Across the UK, Dance Magazine, 23 December 2020

“Pancho founded Ballet Black in 2001 to provide dancers of Black and Asian descent with training and performing opportunities. Under her direction, the London-based company has charted a steady pathway towards shattering the racist notion that dancers of color are only suitable for hip hop, tap and modern dance.”


The 10 best global albums of 2020, The Guardian, 23 December 2020

“Away from the English-language mainstream was a world of mindblowing sound from Indian raga to Malian mayhem, and Tony Allen and Hugh Masekela’s final work.”


2020: A Pivotal Year on The Path to Building a Diverse and Inclusive Music Industry, Music Ally, 21 December 2020

“…debates around terms such as ‘urban’ and ‘BAME’ have informed, educated and moved industry terminology forward. Major labels have pledged millions of dollars to support social justice and anti-racism initiatives. Progress is happening.”


Flash Gordon gets warning for ‘potentially offensive’ Ming the Merciless, BBC News, 22 December 2020

“This is something that we have to bear in mind often when we see older films coming in for reclassification – films that might contain discriminatory depictions or stereotypes that are not acceptable to modern audiences…”

Coronation Street director dropped by ITV after online posts over racism, Digital Spy, 22 December 2020

“Finn also claimed that he has not seen any racism in the media industry for many years and questioned a Channel 4 documentary called Is Covid Racist?”

Whiteness Reigns: Our Cultural Obsession with Cleopatra, B*tch Media, 13 December 2020

“In October, when Paramount Pictures announced that Gal Gadot would be the next Cleopatra in a new film—one of many films about the Egyptian ruler—the internet was once again aflutter with accusations of Hollywood whitewashing Cleopatra’s legacy.”




Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay 

BBC’s Creative Diversity Report, December 2020

“Our workforce diversity plan to underpin our 50:20:12 diversity targets: 50% gender, 20% ethnicity and 12% disability… We are at the tipping point of a major transition in society, culturally as well as in terms of audience content consumption habits and expectations.”

We Are Completely Ignored’ – What It’s Like Being a Black Woman in Journalism, Vice, 23 December 2020

“I have been around white editors who don’t like to call something racist and will say it’s better to use the word ‘bias’, because the word racist will just put white people off.”

PODCAST: Disorienting, Archive on 4, BBC Sounds, 19 December 2020 (Available for over a year, 57 minutes)

“Comedian Phil Wang takes a personal look at the representation of East and South East Asians in the West – on stage, screen and beyond. He shines a light on many ingrained racist stereotypes, reflects on yellowface and whitewashing – all at a unique moment. With a backdrop of an alarming rise in violence and threat in the shadow of Covid-19, East and South East Asian artists, writers and others in the media are mobilising like never before to fix the longstanding issues and address a persistent form of racism that gets largely overlooked.”



Image by PublicDomainPictures from Pixabay 

Christian Solidarity Worldwide challenges Marks & Spencer over Uighur slave labour, Christian Today, 30 September 2020

“Marks & Spencer is one of the many fashion retailers and apparel brands recently accused by human rights groups of using supply chains “tainted by Uighur forced labour”. Others include Calvin Klein, Zara, Adidas, Gap, H&M, Muji, Polo Ralph Lauren and Tommy Hilfiger.“

Hungry and afraid: life for factory workers meeting UK demand for cheap clothes, The Guardian, 23 December 2020

Pakistani workers describe trying to survive on the less than £50 a month many of them earn making items for firms such as Boohoo”

Condé Nast appoints Edward Enninful as Vogue’s European editorial director, Fashion United, 16 December 2020

“Enninful was appointed editor in chief in 2017 and is the first to fill the European editorial director position. Enninful will part of a larger management group which sees Anna Wintour as Condé Nast’s new global chief content officer.”

Corporate pledges to address racial inequality: a cause of action?, Lexology, 21 December 2020

“Companies must not be allowed to unjustly profit from making commitments which they know they will not fulfil. And where individuals and groups suffer harm as a consequence of reliance on such pledges, the companies that made them must rectify the injustices they bring about.”

Black queer travel guide project wants to make travelling safer while building bridges across the diaspora, Pink News, 21 December 2020

“…travelling as queer person means having to think about homophobia, and about the more than 70 countries in the world where homosexuality is illegal.”



Image by Jasmaine Cook from Pixabay 

Racial fetishisation: Why it’s racist to say you ‘have a thing’ for Black women, Metro, 22 December 2020

“Saying that you are attracted to a specific ethnic group, or that you find particular racialised features sexually appealing, is not a compliment or something positive. This is racial fetishisation and it is a form of racism.”

Sex educator Rukiat is challenging the sex stereotypes that harm Black women, Cosmopolitan, 30 November 2020

“Hypersexualisation reinforces the harmful ‘I know she wants it’ narrative we see and hear in rape culture.”



Image by Salman Metobo from Pixabay 

The Tory ‘class agenda’ is a culture war stunt that will leave inequality untouched, The Guardian, 20 December 2020

“Equalities minister Liz Truss claims that the government will dump ‘woke orthodoxy’ for the politics of fairness. But where are the policies?”



Image by Orna Wachman from Pixabay 

Scotland’s Hate Crime Bill: Why Muslims’ and Jews’ shared experiences of racism must be heard – Professor Joe Goldblatt, The Scotsman, 22 December 2020

“Police could do little: He apologised again as he explained it was standard operating procedure to finger print the complainant of a hate crime to rule them out as the perpetrator.”

Courts service apologises to Black pupil barrister mistaken for defendant twice in one day, Legal Cheek, 21 December 2020

“Around 3.2% of barristers and 3.4% of pupil barristers are Black, according to the Bar Standards Boards, while the proportion of Black QCs is 1.1%. The working-age population of the UK is 3.7% Black.”

Black Lives Matter protesters to sue police over Covid detentions, Belfast Telegraph, 22 December 2020

“Black Lives Matters protesters are to sue the police after a watchdog found the force had been discriminatory in issuing fines to demonstrators.”




Image by Keshav Naidu from Pixabay 

“Addressing the lack of Black talent in the Tech 100 index – and how to fix it”, Retail Week, 18 December 2020

“At this point, most retailers don’t have the money to buy their way out of the problem or the talent pipelines to build up a more ethnically diverse tech workforce in-house. So, they latch on to the first cut-and-paste solution that claims to increase ethnic minority representation.”


cleaner-3122363_640 (1)

Image by dattolirenata from Pixabay

Workers with a union to back them can move mountains’, The Justice Gap, 22 December 2020

“Hundreds of cleaners have forced world famous Great Ormond Street Hospital for Children to end outsourcing and instead make them permanent NHS staff.”

Et Rules Worker Who Found Racially Charged Messages In Work Whatsapp Group Was Harassed, The HRD Director, 14 December 2020

“A number of offensive comments had been made including the term “f***ing immigrants”.”



Image by 14995841 from Pixabay 

I am the parent of a Black child at a private school – the sector is shockingly behind on matters of diversity and inclusion, The Independent, 22 December 2020

“To dismantle racism or homophobia, we must go to the heart of it. Pupils shouldn’t just hear about diversity and inclusion; they should experience it. But how do private schools ensure this if their current landscape does not reflect the wider world that we live in?”



Image by PublicDomainPictures from Pixabay 

What implication does ‘long COVID’ have for employers?, International Law Office, 23 December 2020

“These findings suggest that employers must take care to avoid allegations of indirect sex or age discrimination when approaching the issue of long COVID in their workforce. There is also data indicating a disproportionate impact of COVID-19 on Black, Asian and minority ethnic groups, which raises the prospect of indirect race discrimination allegations against employers.”



Image by Adriana gois from Pixabay 

‘Outraged’: football unites to confront discrimination in new UEFA documentary, UEFA.com, 23 December 2020

“Head coach José Mourinho and Dutch legend Ruud Gullit also feature in a film, which takes viewers on a journey across Europe and North America, exploring the complexities of discrimination in the global game, whether based on ethnicity, gender, religion, sexual orientation or refugee backgrounds.”

FREE FILM: Outraged – Football Tackles Discrimination, UEFA TV (Around 54 Min)

Michael Chopra says FA and Premier League are not ‘doing enough’ to get South Asians into football, Eastern Eye, 22 December 2020

“Chopra, who has scored 100 goals in English league football, told Sky Sports News that he has never been approached by football authorities to help support and mentor emerging South Asian players in this country, despite his wealth of experience in the game.”

Sky Sports pledge millions to fight racism and discrimination in football, South Wales Argus, 21 December 2020

“SKY Sports has announced it will provide £3million in funding to anti-discrimination group Kick It Out over the next three years.”



Image by jnylee from Pixabay 

EU Court ruling on kosher slaughter: ’The European Union does not protect its religious minorities anymore’, European Jewish Press, 17 December 2020

“Religious slaughter is a sacred practice in both the Jewish and Muslim faiths. The religious freedom of millions of Europeans has been put in jeopardy by this shameful ruling.”


Brussels’ fire department has a discrimination problem: report, Brussels Times, 4 December 2020

“Last October, police launched an investigation after the locker of a recruit in training was broken into, with the perpetrators writing racist and islamophobic slurs on his helmet and slapping slices of ham around the insides. Pork and any of its derivatives are strictly forbidden by Islam dietary laws.”


White privilege a fact in France, says Macron, Yeni Safak, 22 December 2020

“A 1978 law prohibits data collection on “race, ethnicity as well as religious affiliation.” As a result, there are no figures on the Muslim, Black or minority population, and neither any separate policies for their socio-economic uplift.”

French policemen held over assault of music producer are released, The Guardian, 23 December 2020

“Michel Zecler’s lawyer ‘astonished’ at release of two officers under supervision, one month after Paris beating caught on camera”


Far-right extremist sentenced to life in prison for Halle synagogue attack, European Jewish Press, 23 December 2020

“a German court sentenced to life in  prison a far-right extremist who attempted in October 2019 to break into a synagogue on Yom Kippour in the town of Halle and then shot two bystanders.”


A Spanish bar becomes popular with African workers, and the locals walk away, El Pais, 26 June 2020

“The owner of Racó de la Vero, in the Catalan village of Alcarràs, has been dealing with negative attitudes ever since she started serving dishes that seasonal fruit laborers can afford.”


Is racism a problem in Switzerland? A look at the latest numbers, Swissinfo, 9 June 2020

“In the public sector, racist incidents are most often linked to public administration and the police. Discrimination happens most often in public areas, and at work”

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