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You will find a lot of UK Black & Asian News stories to read in this issue, and several news article on France. A new report about the Black Lives Matter movement in Europe published by the German Center for Integration and Migration Research DeZIM is also out now!

Green Left has an interesting article on the IPCC report and climate refugees (it includes a link to the report and summaries).

I am also reading a new report by BTEG on racial disparity in the take up of apprenticeships in England that may be of interest to you, too.

If you want to know more about homelessness and rough sleeping, there are two new resources that you should read. The first one is by the Kerslake Commission and the second one by the Homeless Link.

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 ITV names cast for Drama Republic Georgian series, Televisual, 11 August 2021

“ITV has announced the casting for period drama The Confessions of Frannie Langton. The four-part drama, produced by Drama Republic and adapted by author and writer Sara Collins from her debut novel of the same name has commenced filming in Yorkshire.”


Alexandra Burke: ‘I got asked to bleach my skin after X Factor’, The Guardian, 9 August 2021

“Her career has taken her from pop success to Strictly and the stage. She discusses the pain of racist comments, the joy of duetting with Beyoncé – and the enduring influence of her late mother… Alexandra Burke is in Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat at the London Palladium until 5 September. Tickets:


UK offers visas to Afghans who worked with Brit journalists after cross-industry plea, The Press Gazette, 9 August 2021

“The UK will offer special visas to Afghans that worked with British media organisations after a cross-industry plea co-ordinated by the Times and the Guardian.…The BBC is a notable omission from the letter, which is signed by the UK’s other main news producers ITN and Sky News.”



 Society of Authors distances itself from Philip Pullman’s tweets, The Guardian, 11 August 2021

“The UK’s largest trade union for writers emphasised its anti-racist stance after its president, Pullman, showed support for Kate Clanchy on social media”


The Ivy Asia Apologises For ‘Culturally Insensitive’ And ‘Totally Inappropriate’ Advert, The Independent, 9 August 2021

“Advert to promote new restaurant in Chelsea has been accused of ‘mocking Asian people’”


How effective are diversity & inclusion initiatives in retail?, Retail Gazette, 10 June 2021

“Despite diversity and Inclusion measures becoming more and more common in businesses, UK retail is lagging behind according to research. Retail Gazette investigates whether these D&I initiatives are effective for the sector.”



 Racism and bias ‘barriers to career progression’, say black lawyers, The Law Gazette, 11 August 2021

“Lawyers from ethnic communities have identified racism and bias as major barriers to career progression in a report published this week on the impact of Covid-19. Thomson Reuters, the Association of Corporate Counsel Foundation and the Association for Law Firm Diversity Professionals wanted to conduct an in-depth study of how the pandemic has affected lawyers from underrepresented communities.”


How excited should we be about the new High Potential Individual visa?, Free Movement, 4 August 2021

“Since the announcement of the new High Potential Individual route as part of the UK Innovation Strategy, there’s been considerable buzz about what it will mean for graduates around the world seeking to move to the UK.”



 New report reveals the racial disparity in the take up of apprenticeships, BTEG, 28 July 2021

“The Recommendations: 1. The government should lead action with employers to tackle the continued under-representation of ethnic minority young people on apprenticeships in higher value sectors such as construction and engineering. 2. A renewed drive is needed to create more apprenticeships in higher value sectors in London, along with pilot initiatives to test ways of supporting young Londoners to take up apprenticeship opportunities in high value sectors in other regions. 3. In order that disparities in apprenticeship application success rates can be tracked, the government should require all employers with 50+ employees to monitor and publish information about apprenticeship applications and appointments by age, gender and ethnicity. 4. A national review of take up of Jobcentre Plus services by ethnic minority young people is urgently needed, with action to address barriers deterring some communities from accessing employment support and opportunities only available through Jobcentre Plus. 5. The government should publish data on degree-level apprenticeships, with breakdowns in application, start and completion rates by gender, age and ethnicity.”

Click here to read the Report


Private school pupils likely to ‘elbow out’ state students in scramble for university places, experts warn, The Independent, 11 August 2021

“‘Intense’ battle for spots at top institutions lies ahead, say education leadersResearch shows that gaps indicating lower outcomes in 2020 for black African, black Caribbean and mixed white students relative to their white British counterparts have increased by between 1.85 and 2.97 percentage points in 2021.”



 A quarter of bosses are not giving staff paid time off to get vaccinated, Left Foot Forward, 12 August 2021

“Polling also found that 26 percent of employers had not been paying full company sick pay to staff who are off sick with COVID vaccine side effects…There are growing calls for employers to give their workers paid time off to take the Covid jab, after research from Acas found that 1 in 4 employers are not doing so.”


Marcus Rashford urges health staff to spread word about food vouchers, The Guardian, 4 August 2021

“Healthy Start scheme for weekly vouchers not taken up by 40% of eligible low-income households”



The Kerslake Commission on Homelessness and Rough Sleeping 2021, August 2021

“The Kerslake Commission have now published their interim report When We Work Together – learning the lessons. Based on the evidence received and expertise, it sends a clear message that the Government must learn from the success of the Covid-19 response and continue the increased investment in homelessness services to avoid a post pandemic surge in rough sleeping.”


Over 100 organisations and councils make the pledge to Support, not Deport, people sleeping rough, Homeless Link 9 August 2021

“As of today, 112 local authorities and charities have made the pledge to not participate in new Home Office rules around rough sleeping.”



 500,000 EU citizens left ‘in limbo’ awaiting decision over right to stay in UK, The Independent, 12 August 2021

“People awaiting decisions having problems applying for jobs and moving house, say campaigners”


Gurkhas protesting for pension equality opposite Downing Street have gazebo dismantled by Metropolitan Police, Yahoo News/Sky, 10 August 2021

“According to the Support Our Gurkhas website, the hunger strikers are campaigning for equal pensions for Gurkhas who retired before 1997 and are not eligible for a full UK Armed Forces pension.”


Home Office records 70 racist incidents by far right at asylum accommodation, The Guardian, 8 August 2021

“Campaigners say figures for last two years underestimate the true situation at barracks and hotels”


Thousands of EU citizens set to have benefits cut off from next month, The Independent, 9 August 2021

“Exclusive: Vulnerable Europeans in UK will be ‘pushed into destitution’, campaigners warn”



Watch: The Riots 2011: One Week in August, BBCiplayer, 9 August 2021 (Time limited/Restricted Access)

“2011 saw the largest wave of disorder in the UK since the 1980s. This revelatory film hears from the people who experienced the riots up close and personal. A decade on, we look back at the summer of 2011 through the eyes of those whose lives have never been the same since. In a series of candid interviews, we hear the story from all angles. Convicted rioters, frontline police, a judge, a government advisor and a grieving father look back at that week in August, and the years that followed, to piece together what really happened and why.”


London riots 2011: ‘We were getting hit all the time with missiles’, BBC News, 6 August 2021

“During the summer riots in 2011 police officers came under attack from thousands of people involved in civil unrest and looting. Lawlessness broke out in cities across England in perhaps the largest example of disorder in post-war Britain.”



 What is the Islamic New Year? A scholar of religion explains, The Conversation, 11 August 2021

“…Currently, while much of the world sees this as 2021, it is the Islamic year 1443, starting on Aug. 10 A.H.. In Latin, A.H. means Anno Hegirae – the year of the hijra, or emigration…”



Black & Asian Heritage Mix’



South Asian Heritage Month: Naomi Dattani, Sonia Odedra and Abtaha Maqsood on cricket, culture and being role models, SkySports, 12 August 2021

“As part of South Asian Heritage Month three cricketers playing in The Hundred speak to Sky Sports News about their background, ambitions, successes, experiences and exactly how they will be role models for the youngsters”


Team GB still too white and suburban, says Sport England board member, The Guardian, 9 August 2021

“Chris Grant laments ‘massive underrepresentation’ in terms of diversity in elite sports”


Heroes of the Terraces: Football, Anti-Fascism & Protest, Hope Not Hate, August 2021

“Heroes of the Terraces is the latest in our series of publications celebrating those who have fought against hate, division and injustice.”


Almost 3 In 4 Brits Agree Racism Is A Serious Issue In Football, The Huffington Post, 9 August 2021

“The Euros only highlighted how deep-rooted this problem is, particularly within the sport.”



 Why is it so difficult to stop abuse on social media?, Sky News, 10 August 2021

“Twitter has moved to stamp on racist abuse directed at black England players after the Euro 2020 final but in the face of widespread demand for social media platforms to act, is its approach enough?”



Climate refugees: latest IPCC report confirms worst fears, Green Left, 12 August 2021

“…the IPCC projects that these impacts will combine by mid century and, at 2°C warming and above, Europe will exceed “critical thresholds relevant for ecosystems and humans”. This will lead to populations being displaced and more humanitarian disasters. “Only a couple of years ago, we were horrified at the rising global refugee numbers, which had doubled from nearly 30 million in the [early] 2000s to 60‒65 million by the late 2000s,” Uludag said. “But today … refugee numbers globally have risen to more than 82 million people.””



Black Lives Matter In Europe: What Remains Of The Movement?, Eurasia Review, 11 August 2021

“An international research team with participation from Chemnitz University of Technology has studied and compared the scope, form, and resonance of BLM protests in Germany, Italy, Denmark, and Poland…The researchers show different characteristics and emphases of the protests in the countries studied. In addition, they conclude that the BLM protest wave mobilized new activists and gave rise to new organizations. In addition, they say, the issues of racism and police violence have become more prominent in the public’s mind. Still, BLM in Europe is still at the beginning, he said.”

Click here to read the Report



Lovin it: How a group of Marseille workers seized a McDonald’s and turned it into a foodbank, gal-dem, 9 August 2021

“The inside story of how a migrant community in one of France’s most divided cities turned a fast food site into a lifeline.”


France sets up ‘office of secularism’ to protect country against Muslims, TRT World, 22 July 2021

“Decried and mocked in equal measure, Paris announced another policy widely seen as targeting the country’s embattled Muslim community.”


Why We Are Going to Court to Fight Racist French Police Tactics, Open Society Justice Initiative, 21 July 2021

“A long legal campaign to challenge racial discrimination by French police officers has entered a new stage, with the filing of a group complaint against the discriminatory stop and search procedures known in French as “contrôle au faciès.”


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