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Can we learn about how to improve diversity in a specific sector by reading what other sectors are up to? If you answer yes, you can explore two new reports this week. The first one is a report on “Racism in Civil Engineering” and the second one is about equality in procurement for ethnic minority entrepreneurs in Europe.

There are a few news stories that should be known more widely in the “European section” of this newsletter. 

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DESIblitz Literature Festival 2021 announce line up ahead of opening at the The REP, Birmingham Live, 17 August 2021

“There will be author events, workshops, performances and panel discussions about the works of British South Asian authors and poets… The festival, organised by Birmingham based British Asian magazine DESIblitz, runs from September 18 until October 1 at the Rep Theatre and B Music in the city centre.”


Nostril piercings: an expression of identity or just another trend?, The Boar, 1 September 2021

“…what is the history of nostril piercings around the world? And why do they seem to be gaining popularity in the West? It deterred me from getting a nostril piercing when I was a teenager…”

Michaela Coel on experiencing racism and how it reminds her to keep fighting discrimination, Mirror, 1 September 2021

“Speaking to Elle UK, in which she stuns on next month’s cover she says: “I am a black woman and that will always be true. And, for me, there is nothing like going to a different country where nobody knows me and experiencing the way security guards follow me around the pharmacy or grocery shop.”

Ofcom accused of institutional racism over Dispatches Traveller episode, The Guardian, 1 September 2021

“Ofcom received about 900 complaints from the public and a further 7,391 complaints submitted by the charity Friends, Families and Travellers. Complainants said the programme presented only negative views of the GRT community and gave a misleading impression that there was a causal link between Gypsy and Traveller sites and high crime rates.”

Bernardine Evaristo: Never Give Up, imagine…2021, BBC One, iplayer, 2 September 2021

“Alan Yentob explores the remarkable life and work of the trailblazing Anglo-Nigerian author Bernardine Evaristo, whose Booker Prize-winning novel Girl, Woman, Other has become a global phenomenon in recent years. With great wit and wisdom, Evaristo lays bare her unique approach to creativity across the decades as her latest book, an inspirational non-fiction work called Manifesto: On Never Giving Up, is published.”



Superdrug announces exclusive launch of four new black owned brands, Retail Times, 1 September 2021

“With recent research showing that 2/5 of those from black or mixed heritage backgrounds finding it difficult to find suitable haircare products and 85% saying that they would like to see more products specifically for textured hair needs…”


UK brands yet to sign accord on Bangladesh garment workers’ safety, The Guardian, 1 September 2021

“Primark, Next and JD Sports among those yet to sign legally binding replacement to 2013 deal”




Sir Salman Rushdie to serialise book via email newsletter, BBC News, 2 September 2021

“In a post, Sir Salman said he hoped to have “a closer relationship with readers, to speak freely, without any intermediaries or gatekeepers”. Substack began as a platform for journalism, but has recently attracted fiction writers.”



Black surgeons ‘promoted far less than white colleagues in England’, The Guardian, 1 September 2021

“Analysis of NHS careers raises fears that treatment will suffer unless ‘old boys’ networks’ are dismantled”


Special Report: ICE to act after survey reveals extent of industry racism, New Civil Engineer, 26 August 2021

“Some have expressed shock at the findings of the ICE’s recently published Racism in Civil Engineering report, while others have said that it says what they already knew – racism does exist within the industry. Click here to read the report in full report. Click here to access the toolkit.”




Cambridge University launches catch-up tutoring in maths and science for A-level state school pupils, inews, 1 September 2021

“The elite university said it had decided to launch the scheme to bridge attainment gaps, address educational disruption from Covid-19 and to help fix the UK’s skills shortage in science, technology, engineering and maths (Stem) subjects.”

‘I’m lost’: poorer pupils lose university places after A-level grade surge, The Guardian, 25 August 2021

“Experts say disadvantaged have been most affected by missed learning during Covid pandemic… Sixth formers and parents protested outside the college on 12 August, calling for remarking. Some of the teachers have also questioned grades…”


Affordable uniforms law will miss new school year, BBC News, 31 August 2021

“Headteachers are waiting for the new statutory guidance on uniforms, which will make schools place affordability at the centre of their uniform policy. The government says schools should expect full details in the autumn. But that means parents will not benefit from the changes, as schools go back this September. According to The Children’s Society, the average uniform costs £315 per primary school pupil and £337 per secondary pupil.”



Racial Disparity Unit (RDU) presents COVID-19 disparities paper at international conference, Ethnicity Facts & Figures, Cabinet Office, 2 September 2021

“RDU analysts published and presented a paper (PDF) at the 36th International Association for Research in Income and Wealth (IARIW) virtual general conference. The paper collates analysis, data and research from public bodies and academics to understand the impact of COVID-19 on ethnic minorities in England. The paper follows the hypothesis that the excess risk ethnic minorities have of dying from COVID-19 is driven by socio-economic factors.”

GP ‘nearly lost his sight’ in a racially motivated attack, Pulse, 1 September 2021

“A Lincolnshire GP ‘nearly lost his sight’ in a racially motivated attack where an explosive device was thrown in his face. The GP was out in the area he lives in a couple of weeks ago when the attacker threw a ‘firework or explosive device’ at his face and shouted racist comments. The assault caused severe damage to the GP’s eye and left him with corneal abrasions and retinal edema.”

The rich nations’ take on the world post-pandemic? ‘I’m all right, Jack’, The Guardian, 29 August 2021

“As the west begins to get the virus under control, gaping global inequalities are exposed…The 30 poorest countries in the world, with a combined population of almost a billion, have vaccinated on average barely 2% of their population. In the Democratic Republic of the Congo the figure is 0.1%, in Haiti 0.24%, in Chad 0.27%, in Tanzania 0.36%. “Living with the virus” will mean something very different in such countries than it will in the west.”

Books about dementia launched for BAME communities, Rochdale Online, 28 August 2021

“Both penned by Shahid Mohammed, the first is an academic book, ‘A Fragmented Pathway, Experiences of the South Asian Community and the Dementia Care Pathway’, supported by Salford University. The second, facilitated by Dr Abdul Shakoor, is a bilingual collection of dementia family carers’ reflections, experiences and poetry during the Covid-19 pandemic and lockdowns, entitled, ‘We Are Together’. There is no word for dementia in most non-English languages; as a result, dementia is often seen as related to old-age or mental ill-health. It can also be perceived to be possession by spirits or an effect on people due to ‘black magic’ in some faiths and cultures, whereas in reality it is a physical change in the brain.”

Ethnic minority vaccine take-up boosted greatly by NHS ‘grab-a-jab’ campaign, inews, 28 August 2021

“More than 3.8 million first doses of Covid-19 vaccines have been delivered since the first grab-a-jab weekend at the end of June – more than 400,000 a week, NHS England says. The campaign has allowed people to turn up at places like mosques, town halls, festivals, football grounds and other sites to get vaccinated without prior booking.”




Runnymede Trust did not breach guidance over race report, watchdog finds, The Guardian, 1 September 2021

“Charity Commission says thinktank was allowed to engage with government report on UK racial disparities…More than a dozen Tory MPs wrote to the Charity Commission last April demanding an inquiry into the Runnymede Trust over its criticism of a government race report.”

Foreign Office warn UK travellers not to travel to Jamaica as Covid cases rise on the island, The Voice, 1 September 2021

“In a statement posted on its website over the Bank Holiday weekend, TUI said: “Due to the updated travel advice from the UK Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office advising against all but essential travel to Jamaica, TUI UK have cancelled all holidays to Jamaica until Saturday 11th September 2021. “

Untold stories of South Asian women in Birmingham revealed in new book, Birmingham Mail, 31 August 2021

“A book has been launched celebrating the stories of 25 women in Birmingham, mostly of South Asian descent, speaking about their conflicting experiences of being British but embracing their own heritage. Daughters of Birmingham author and community activist Snouber Sharif, 47, who was born and bred in Alum Rock, celebrated the launch on Tuesday, August 31, at St Peters Saltley Housing Association. The book, which took 2 years to publish, covers stories of forced marriage, domestic violence, living with Multiple Sclerosis, racism, conflicts in religion, mental health and immigration.”




Exclusive! Asian and Black police officers new recruitment campaign as ‘A chance of a lifetime missed’, Eastern Eye, 2 September 2021

“Despite forces trying to improve the diversity of their workforce and a government scheme to boost recruitment, the figures show a worrying picture…All forces are below the percentage of Black, Asian, and Minority Ethnic (BAME) officers compared to the population of BAME residents in the area they serve. The force with the biggest difference was the Metropolitan Police. The area the Met represents has a BAME population of 40 per cent. However, as of June 2021, black, Asian and mixed race full-time, serving officers make up only 14 per cent of the force. This excludes part-time officers and specials.”

Campaigners and families demand action on police use of tasers, The Canary, 27 August 2021

“On 25 August, the Independent Office for Police Conduct (IOPC) published a review of the police’s use of taser in England and Wales. The report raises concerns about officers’ disproportionate and inappropriate use of the electronic weapon against Black people, people with mental ill health and learning disabilities, and children. Families of people killed by taser have spoken out, calling for a ban on the use of the electric weapon. And campaigners argue that the police watchdog’s recommendations seeking improvements should go further in order to prevent further harm.”



Black Swimming Association Launches Research Into Barriers Facing Ethnically-Diverse Communities, Swimming World, 31 August 2021

“According to the Canal & River Trust, 20.5% of people in England and Wales who live within 1km of water are from ethnically-diverse backgrounds, which is above the national average of 14%. Due to a disengagement in aquatics, and consequently little to no knowledge of water safety education, these groups are considered to be high risk when it comes to drowning.”

Female Asian footballers ‘are drawing more women to the sport’, Eastern Eye, 31 August 2021

“Arun Kang OBE, CEO of the Sporting Equals charity, said we are all aware of the power and positivity that role models can have on communities as “you cannot be what you cannot see…British Asians make up seven per cent of the UK population but only 0.25 per cent of professional footballers, according to research.”



Doctors stage XR die-in outside JP Morgan offices in London, The Guardian, 3 September 2021

“Sixty medical professionals including nurses hold protest to highlight fossil fuel investments…They warned the climate emergency and ecological breakdown was driving a public health crisis. ”




Royal staff have reportedly taken back Meghan Markle bullying claims (yahoo.com), Cosmopolitan, 1 September 2021

“Following the complaint, Buckingham Palace launched an official investigation. But now, in the newly added epilogue for Finding Freedom: Harry & Meghan and the Making of a Modern Royal Family, authors Omid Scobie and Carolyn Durand reveal how Royal staffers requested that their claims be taken back.”


Black & Asian Heritage Mix’



Brexit Europe

Why an increasingly diverse Europe needs EQUality In Procurement for ethnic minority entrepreneurs, Open Political Economy Network, 2 September 2021

“In 2019, 7.8% of EU businesses with employees were owned by someone born outside the EU, up from 4.2% in 2010. Yet for all their strengths, they tend to struggle with huge disadvantages, not least discrimination and disconnection from mainstream business networks. Download the report.”

EU agrees to rely on Afghanistan’s neighbours to avoid migrant crisis, Euronews, 31 August 2021

“…the bloc intends to act with greater speed and resolution. It is drafting plans to strengthen cooperation with non-EU countries to prevent migrants from reaching the continent. The EU has already earmarked €200 million in humanitarian aid to deal with the Afghan crisis.”


Denmark starts impeachment trial on ex-immigration minister, Al Jazeera, 2 September 2021

“Inger Stoejberg is being tried for an order to separate asylum-seeking couples when one of the pair was a minor… The women who were under 18 said they had consented to their marriages. Considered an immigration hardliner, Stoejberg spearheaded the tightening of asylum and immigration rules, and Denmark adopted a law in 2016 requiring newly arrived asylum seekers to hand over valuables such as jewellery and gold to help pay for their stays in the country…”



Finnish Court Raises Eyebrows as It Drops Incitement Charges Against Swastika Display, Sputnik, 31 August 2021

“While acknowledging that the swastika is specifically associated with the ideologies and deeds of Nazi Germany, the court also ruled that its mere display doesn’t amount to incitement against an ethnic group, which instead would involve threatening, slandering, or insulting a group of people on the basis of, say, race or religion..”


French police officer gets suspended jail term for attack on British volunteer, RFI, 2 September 2021

“…The convicted officer was one of a team deployed to remove migrants from an area near the ring road around Calais. A standoff with a group of British volunteers ensued, during which the accused knocked Tom Ciotkowski, a volunteer with the Help Refugees group, to the ground…”

Macron plans to tackle Marseille’s drug crime, with eye on re-election, France24, 1 September 2021

“French President Emmanuel Macron started a three-day trip on Wednesday to Marseille, where he will outline plans to solve the problems wracking France’s second-largest city – notably, violent drug crime and poor infrastructure. Experts say Macron needs to show he still has big, bold ideas ahead of April’s presidential elections.”



Afghan refugees in Greece still stuck in limbo, Deutsche Welle, 28 August 2021

“Afghan refugees in Greece are increasingly worried about their status. The EU’s differing and uncertain asylum policies are making it even harder for them to cope.”


Hungary v England: Visiting players racially abused at Puskas Arena, BBC Sport, 2 September 2021

“Manchester City forward Raheem Sterling and Borussia Dortmund midfielder Jude Bellingham were both targeted… The first half was otherwise uneventful on and off the field – but in the second half, Sterling was pelted with paper cups and bottles when he opened the scoring for England, while a flare was thrown on to the pitch after Harry Maguire put the visitors 3-0 ahead.”


Afghan evacuee boy who ate poisonous mushrooms dies in Poland, BBC News, 2 August 2021

“Polish media reports say an Afghan family picked the mushrooms from a forested area and made a soup with them. Local officials have denied media reports that the refuges picked and ate the mushrooms because they were not being given enough food.”


Living in a sea of trash: Roma fight environmental racism in Romania, Deutsche Welle, 31 August 2021

“Roma communities driven from Romania’s booming city of Cluj-Napoca say the authorities treat them like human garbage. Pollution from a nearby landfill is damaging their health, say locals.”


UN body puts illegal adoptions in new, criminal light, Swissinfo, 30 August 2021

“In May, de Frouville’s office urged Switzerland to investigate illegal adoptions from Sri Lanka which took place over three decades beginning in the 1970s to determine whether some of the children involved were victims of enforced disappearances and other offences. The office, the UN Committee on Enforced Disappearances (CED), also said Switzerland should guarantee the right to reparation for the victims.”

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