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Queen's birthday honours list and decolonialists

“Can You Be Named in the Queens’ Birthday Honours List and Support the Decolonisation Movement?”

By Thushari Perera

(, 7 July 2019)

Read the article here




David Olusoga

Image Credit: David Olusoga via Twitter @DavidOlusoga

“Windrush: archived documents show the long betrayal”

By David Olusoga

(The Observer, 16 June 2019)

Read the special report here


Film, Roll, Photography, Camera

Image Credit: Film roll via Pixabay

“The Unwanted: The Secret Windrush Files”

(BBC Two TV, 24 June 2019)

Watch here (time limited availability)


amelia gentleman

Image Credit: Amelia Gentleman via Twitter @ameliagentleman

“The Unwanted: The Secret Windrush Files review – who could feel proud of Britain after this?”

By Amelia Gentleman

(The Guardian, 24 June 2019)

Read the article here


Gaza, Strip, Palestine

Image Credit: Palestine Gaza Strip by Hosny Salah via Pixabay

“British Library shares conservation experts with Palestinian Museum: New partnership will preserve the Birzeit museum’s most ‘at-risk’ objects on paper”

By Gareth Harris

(The Art Newspaper, 19 June 2019)

Read the article here


Image Credit: Institute of Palestine Studies

“Don’t wait for Israeli archives to prove what Palestinians already know”

By Amjad Iraqi

(, 7 July 2019)

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Passport, Transit, Visa, Ddr

Image Credit: Passport Visa Transit via Pixabay

“UNESCO chair blasts ‘discriminatory’ UK visitor visa system”

By Amelia Hill

(The Guardian, 24 June 2019)

Read the article here


Graduation, Future, University, Cap

Image Credit: Graduation by Cindy Parks via Pixabay

“Home Office accused of racism over academic visa refusals”

By Brenda O’Malley

(University World News, 12 June 2019)

Read the article here







“PM confirms landmark location for new Windrush monument”

(GOV.UK, 22 June 2019)

Read the Press Release here


Floella Benjamin

Image Credit: Floella Benjamin via Twitter @FloellaBenjamin

“Floella Benjamin has confirmed the location of the new Windrush monument”

By Liam Geraghty

(The Big Issue, 24 June 2019)

Read the article here


Image Credit: Waterloo Station via Wikipedia

“May’s plan for Windrush memorial at Waterloo met with ‘disgust’”

By Mattha Busby

(The Guardian, 22 June 2019)

Read the article here


Anchor, Rope, Nautical, Mooring

Image Credit: Anchor by VictorianLady via Pixabay

“Raise the Windrush anchor – and make it a statue to modern Britain”

By Patrick Vernon

(The Guardian, 22 June 2019)

Read the article here



Man, Guy, Person, Partridge, Follow

Image Credit: A Sikh man via Pixabay

“UK Sikhs demand war memorial for martyred community members”

(Eastern Eye, 21 June 2019)

Read the article here



Pound, Coins, Currency, Bank Note, Money

Image Credit: Banknotes by Stux via Pixabay

“Do we need black people on our banknotes?”

By Afua Hirsch

(The Guardian, 7 June 2019)

Read the article here


Norte, Dame, Paris, France, French

Image Credit: Rudy and Peter Skitterians via Pixabay

“Restoring A Cathedral, Erasing Empire: A Tale Of Two Fires”

(Discover Society, 3 July 2019)

Read the article here



Buddah, Ash, Headless, Statue, Old

Image Credit: callumquinn via Pixabay

“‘Culturecide’ in war to be subject of London exhibition: ‘What Remains’ at the Imperial War Museum will examine destruction of cultural heritage”

By Caroline Davies

(The Guardian, 23 June 2019)

Read the article here


Statue, African, Tribal, Wood, Carving

Image Credit: PDPics via Pixabay

“To Decolonize Is To Decontextualize, Tristram Hunt. Should We Stop Asking For Restitution of our Looted Artefacts?”

By Dr Kwame Opoku

(Modern Ghana, 6 July 2019)

Read the article here

Tristram Hunt’s article here




Network, Earth, Block Chain, Globe

Image Credit: Gerd Altmann via Pixabay 

“Talking Digital Colonialism with Morehshin Allahyari”

By Hrag Vartanian

(Hyperallergic, 11 June 2019)

Read the article & Listen to the podcast here


Security, Cryptocurrency, Bitcoin

Image Credit: Robinraj Premchand via Pixabay

“UK funding to boost diversity in artificial intelligence technology roles”

(The Eastern Eye, 10 June 2019)

Read the article here


Finger, Fingerprint, Security, Digital

Image Credit: Fingerprint by ar130405 via Pixabay

“The Home Office is using algorithms to sort visa applicants, but they have a history of ‘discriminatory’ failures”

By Jasmine Andersson

(The Independent, 10 June 2019)

Read the article here




Windrush A Ship Through Time Book by Paul Arnott

Image Credit: Windrush Book via The History Press

“Windrush by Paul Arnott review – the story of the ship behind the scandal”

By Amelia Gentleman

(The Guardian, 28 June 2019)

Read the article here


Decolonising the Camera by Mark Sealy Book

Image Credit: Mark Sealy via Lawrence & Wishart

“Decolonising the Camera: Photography in Racial Time”

By Mark Sealy. Editor: Katharine Harris

Published in association with: Autograph ABP (July 2019)

“This book examines how Western photographic practice has been used as a tool for creating Eurocentric and violent visual regimes, and demands that we recognise and disrupt the ingrained racist ideologies that have tainted photography since its inception in 1839.”

Find out more here



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Image Credit:

“How the Sikhs integrated in Switzerland”

By Anand Chandrasekhar

(Swissinfo, 1st July 2019)

Read the article here




Runnymede TIDE Teaching Migration Belonging and Empire in Secondary Schools

Image Credit:

“Teaching Migration, Belonging, and Empire in Secondary Schools”

By Runnymede & TIDE

(Runnymede Trust, 4 July 2019)

Read the report here




Tv, Television, Retro, Classic, Old

Image Credit: TV Retro by Pexels via Pixabay

“Black history: Two new BBC series on forgotten black figures launched”

(BBC Newsround, 2 July 2019)

Find out more here





“Theatre roles to be advertised in job centres to boost industry diversity”

By Giverny Masso

(The Stage, 24 June 2019)

Read the article here




Black history is British history


“The Social History Society, Economic History Society and History UK are launching a new funding scheme to support Black and Minority Ethnic (BME) history. The scheme has been created in recognition of the under-representation, structural inequalities and racism afflicting UK Higher Education Institutions. We are committing £2,000 a year for three years in the first instance. The BME Events and Activities Small Grants Scheme will provide grants of up to £750 to support activities and events run by BME historians or on subjects relating to BME history. It is open to applicants looking to run conferences, workshops and symposia, as well as other activities such as exhibitions, walking tours, performances of podcasts. The initial call for applications for funding opens today and will close on 1 September 2019. A panel of experts, comprised of Professor Catherine Hall (University College London), Dr Meleisa Ono-George (University of Warwick) and Dr Jonathan Saha (University of Leeds), will assess all applications to the scheme.” Find out more here



Books, Notepad, Pen, Education, Notebook

Image Credit: Books via Pixabay

“The London Short Story Prize is Spread the Word’s annual prize for talented London short story writers. The Prize’s aim is to find the best short stories from writers in the capital. Now in its seventh year, we’re thrilled to open for entries to the London Short Story Prize 2019. This year’s judges are writers Rowan Hisayo Buchanan, Eley Williams, and literary agent Charlotte Seymour from Andrew Nurnberg Associates. The winner of the London Short Story Prize 2019 will receive £1000 and their short story will be published in Open Pen London. Two highly commended writers will each receive £250. The full longlist will see their short stories published in the London Short Story Prize 2019 Anthology. Submissions are open for the London Short Story Prize from midday on Friday 14 June to 5pm on Monday 7 October. For more information on how to enter please visit: This year we’re also offering 50 low-income writers free entry into the Prize: The Prize is produced in partnership with Kingston University Press.” Find out more here




11 June – 8 September 2019

Solist 2; Radio

Image Credit: Radio via


“This display reveals the stories of refugees who have sought asylum in Brighton from around the world. Photographs and oral histories reveal a common humanity and the search for home.”

Find out more here


19 July 2019

Think like a White Man

Image Credit: Nels Abbey via Twitter @nelsabbey


“…Welcome Nels Abbey, the author of the highly anticipated, Think Like A White Man, to Black Cultural Archives. Nels will be in conversation with Dr Nicola Rollock, an academic, consultant and public speaker specialising in racial justice in education and the workplace. A self-help book with a massive difference, Think Like A White Man is the first of its kind. By cleverly combining wit with wisdom and funny with fact, it highlights the daily battles black people face both the corporate world and the rest of the world. The book exposes the prejudices of the modern workplace and shares the survival techniques required if you want to play the game (and potentially) win against the master of the universe: the mediocre White Man”

Find out more here

Related article:We recognise racism on the football pitch. Why do we fail to see it in the workplace?” By Nels Abbey (The Guardian, 23 May 2019)


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