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The children colonial Belgium stole from African mothers

By Annette Ekin, AlJazeera, 3 February 2021

“Taken from their mothers in what is today the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Rwanda and Burundi, decades on a group of mixed-race elderly people are fighting the Belgian state for recognition and reparations.”


Report Aims at ‘Reconciling’ France and Algeria, Its Former Colony

By Constant Méheut, The New York Times, 20 January 2021

“In a statement…Mr. Macron’s office said that he would create a Memories and Truth Commission as recommended. In addition, it said, three ceremonies to be organized by the French government in 2021 and 2022 will pay tribute to Algerians who fought on opposite sides of the war and to the agreement that led to Algeria’s independence in 1962.”


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David Olusoga on the census: ‘Some see it as a civic duty, and they’re right’

By Harriet Sherwood, The Guardian, 2 February 2021

“UK historian prepares online lesson for 1.5m children on population survey’s role in tracing the past and looking to future”

Professor David Olusoga’s Live Lesson on Equality, representation and the census – YouTube

Related School Resource: Equality Representation & Census (letscount.org.uk)


UncoverEd and the Decolonisation of Edinburgh University

By Anahit Behrooz, Bella Caledonia, 28 January 2021

“Launched in 2018, UncoverEd is a unique archival project based at the University of Edinburgh, aiming at uncovering the stories of alumni of colour who studied at the university from the early 19th century through to the present day”


History of Maori, UK colonial to be included in New Zealand’s schools’ syllabus

By Hindustan Times, 4 February 2021

“Maori, who account for about 15% of New Zealand’s population, were dispossessed of much of their land during colonization by Britain. In her bid to support a change, Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern said, ‘Let us teach it, let us learn it and let us remember it.'”


India is turning to colonial-era laws to silence journalists

By Samar Halarnkar, Open Democracy, 3 February 2021

“Sedition charges are just the latest attempt by Narendra Modi’s government to undermine a free press. They must be opposed.”


Black Cultural Archives partner with Scholastic to publish new book celebrating Windrush Generation

By Leah Mahon, The Voice, 28 January 2021

“‘The Place for Me: Stories of the Windrush Generation’ published in hardback in June 2021 and Scholastic will donate 50p from the sale of every book to the BCA.”




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European Press Prize Distinguished Reporting Award 2020

The Uyghur women fighting China’s surveillance state

By Isobel Cockerell published by Coda Story (Georgia)




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The Impact of Transatlantic Slavery on England’s Built Environment: a Research Audit

By Historic England, February 2021

“The research audit brings together the work of historians, heritage organisations, local and community researchers, and Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic research networks which has identified the tangible presence of England’s slavery past in buildings, houses, streets, industrial heritage, urban fabrics and rural landscapes. The consultants, Dr Mary Wills and Dr Madge Dresser, have gathered a wide variety of research that has been carried out in the last thirty years across a range of media in relation to this broad theme.”


Housing Secretary ridiculed after vowing to protect statues as government presides over 100,000 Covid deaths

By The Morning Star, January 2021

“The Tory minister wants to safeguard every statue and give himself powers to veto decisions made by councils to remove monuments.”

Related Link: New legal protection for England’s heritage

Related Link: Statement made by Robert Jenrickon 18 January 2021



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Employment in DCMS Sectors by Socio-Economic Background July 2020 to September 2020

By The Heritage Alliance, January 2021

“According to new statistics from DCMS published last week, 71% of workers in the creative industries are classed as being from ‘a more advantaged background’, compared to 57% across all UK sectors.”


Paris Opera to seek out new talent in diversity drive

By AFP, RFI, 8 February 2021

“But with Black Lives Matter protests roiling France, and deepening debate over its colonial legacy, Neef remains unrepentant about the need for greater diversity, and in an online press conference on Monday, vowed a shake-up of the 350-year-old institution..”



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The Great British Art Tour: a portrait of Britain’s first black queen?

By Georgy Kantor, Keeper of College Pictures, St John’s College Oxford, The Guardian, 25 January 2021

“The art collections of Oxbridge colleges are strange creations, growing slowly over centuries, to no consistent plan. Often, the more interesting pieces end up in our possession by an accident of history. Allan Ramsay’s portrait of Queen Charlotte Sophia, painted soon after her marriage to George III in 1761, is a case in point.”


Online Exhibition: Suspect Objects Suspect Subjects By Faisal Hussain

SOAS’s Brunei Gallery, 12 January 2021 – 20 March 2021

“A collection of works which question, highlight and respond to the victimising of Muslim communities in the UK and around the world.”




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2 – 4 March 2021

Botany, Trade and Empire: Exploring Kew’s Miscellaneous Reports Collection

“Kew’s Miscellaneous Reports Collection is a major resource relating to colonial and global networks of economic botany and scientific activity between 1850-1928.”


25 March 2021

Black Nurses, Enslaved Labour, and the Royal Navy, 1790-1820

“Dr Erin Spinney reveals the history of Black nurses before Florence Nightingale in the annual History of Nursing Forum Lecture.”

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