Stealing from the Saracens

Stealing from the Saracens: How Islamic Architecture Shaped Europe (Hurst Publishers)

By Diana Darke

“Against a backdrop of Islamophobia, Europeans are increasingly airbrushing from history their cultural debt to the Muslim world. But this legacy lives on in some of Europe’s most recognisable buildings, from Notre-Dame Cathedral to the Houses of Parliament. This beautifully illustrated book reveals the Arab and Islamic roots of Europe’s architectural heritage. Diana Darke traces ideas and styles from vibrant Middle Eastern centres like Damascus, Baghdad and Cairo, via Muslim Spain, Venice and Sicily into Europe…” Includes must-see videos

The Memory of Colonialism in Britain and France Book

The Memory of Colonialism in Britain and France: The Sins of Silence (Springer)

By Itay Lotem

“Compares how Britain and France address their colonial histories, exploring how memories of colonialism have been expressed and silenced…Examines the role of activists, politicians, journalists and professional historians in inciting public conversation about the colonial past…Explores the importance of colonial history to the ongoing, politicised public debates over national identity in both Britain and France.”

Other Windrush Book

The Other Windrush: Legacies of Indenture in Britain’s Caribbean Empire (Pluto Press)

Edited by Maria del Pilar Kaladeen and David Dabydeen

“Through a series of biographical essays, poems and articles, The Other Windrush shines a light on the hidden history of a ‘minority within a minority’: Caribbean migrants of Indian and Chinese descent – often the descendants of indentured labourers – who were the ‘invisible passengers’ of the Windrush generation.”

Museums and Atlantic Slavery Book

Museums and Atlantic Slavery (Routledge/Taylor & Francis)

By Ana Lucia Araujo

“Museums and Atlantic Slavery explores how slavery, the Atlantic slave trade, and enslaved people are represented through words, visual images, artifacts, and audiovisual materials in museums in Europe and the Americas.”

Terrible Beauty Elephant Book

Terrible Beauty: Elephant – Human – Ivory

Contributors include Asher Jay, Nanette Snoep and Ai Weiwe

“The elephant is an admired but also endangered animal. In all times and cultures, the ivory of its tusks has been sought after. What kind of material is it, how is it used in history and the present, and what can be done today to protect the largest land mammals from poaching? This richly illustrated volume undertakes a cultural-historical journey and a current positioning. Ivory fascinates – and polarises.”


indian elephant


Wild Crimes: A Natural History Museum podcast

“Wildlife crime is one of the biggest illegal businesses in the world. Join us on a global tour as we uncover its dark underbelly… Every day, animals and plants are poached, packaged and traded across countries and continents for profit. From critically endangered eels stuffed into suitcases to caged chameleons at the heart of the exotic pet trade, millions of animals are dying at the hands of organised, criminal gangs.”




Art student had ‘no racist motive’ when plastering Bordeaux slavery statue, says city, Euronews, 14 September 2021

“…The life-size bronze statue representing a slave bought by two Bordeaux brothers in the eighteenth century and then freed, was discovered Monday whitewashed to the bust. The piece was created by Haitian sculptor Caymitte Woodly, known as Filipo. Modeste Testas, apparently Ethiopian, was bought as a teenager in 1781 by two brothers from Bordeaux then taken to their sugar plantation in the Caribbean. The statue on the quai overlooking the port had been inaugurated in May 2019 on France’s national day marking slavery, the slave trade and its abolition…”

Nigerians offer artworks to British Museum in new take on looted bronzes, Reuters/Yahoo News, 22 September 2021

“…European museums that house them have faced years of criticism because of their status as loot and symbols of colonial greed. The Ahiamwen Guild of artists and bronze casters says it wants to change the terms of the debate by giving the British Museum contemporary artworks, untainted by any history of looting, that showcase Benin City’s modern-day culture…”

Rita Keegan: the return of black British art’s forgotten pioneer, The Guardian, 11 September 2021

“She was a crucial part of a cultural movement in the 1980s. Now a first solo exhibition in 15 years will allow her work to shine”

Earliest European portraits of African men on show together for first time, The Guardian, 28 September 2021

“Rijksmuseum says change in focus prompted by renewed interest in wake of Black Lives Matter”

Artist Evewright says Tilbury vandalism is ‘physical hate crime’, BBC News, September 2021

“An artist who created an exhibition to honour pioneers of the Windrush generation said he felt “anger” after it was vandalised. Evewright’s Walkway of Memories at the Port of Tilbury, Essex, features more than 130 people on the walkway where passengers disembarked in 1948. Several of the 432 panes of glass where the artwork is featured have been broken.”



Who will prevail in France’s memory wars?, New Statesman, 21 September 2021

“…17 October 2021 will mark the 60th anniversary of the 1961 massacre of Algerians in Paris, in which 40 protesters, according to the official count, were killed in a police crackdown. Then, on 18 March 2022, it will be 60 years since the Évian Accords were signed between the De Gaulle government and the Algerian government-in-exile, paving the way for Algerian independence later that year.” 




Discover the series: Heritage and Our Sustainable Future, UNESCO UK, 2021

“A series of brief, thematic reports produced in partnership with PRAXIS at the University of Leeds and released throughout the year.”

Whittington Hospital statue honours Windrush nurses, Islington Gazette, 15 September 2021

“A statue has been unveiled outside Whittington Hospital to commemorate the efforts of Windrush and Commonwealth NHS nurses and midwives.”

Statue of Wales’ first Black headteacher unveiled, The Canary, 30 September 2021

“A statue of Wales’ first Black headteacher has been unveiled in Cardiff. Betty Campbell MBE is thought to be the first named, non-fictionalised woman to have a monument in her honour erected in an outdoor public space in the country.”

bob marley painting

New Bob Marley statue unveiled in Liverpool, Voice Online, 13 September 2021

“The seven-foot tall sculpture is located on Jamaica Street in the Baltic Triangle of the city and was commissioned by the Positive Vibration Festival of Reggae…A spokesman from the festival said in a statement: “Bob Marley is a cultural icon who is recognised and adored all around the world. More importantly, he is a symbol of peace, love and unity – all of which are needed more than ever right now.”

Memorial honouring Aldershot’s Gurkha history unveiled, BBC News, 27 September 2021

“A life-sized statue honouring a town’s long history and friendship with the Gurkhas has been unveiled…Miaya Dangol KC, who sits on the Greater Rushmoor Nepali Community committee, said the statue was funded entirely by private donations.”

Leeds blue plaques ‘must represent more black and Asian figures’, BBC News, 17 September 2021

“Leeds has 181 of the commemorative signs – designed to highlight locations associated with celebrated figures – but only two feature black subjects. Susan Pitter, who led a review of the city’s blue plaques, found minorities were under-represented.”

Humboldt Forum tackles colonial issue with new museums, Deutsche Welle, 22 September 2021

“As it opens its new ethnological museum, Berlin’s Humboldt Forum has reacted to criticism surrounding its handling of colonial history. Will critics approve?”

Transatlantic Slavery and Legacies in Museums Forum, National Museums Liverpool, 2021

“The Transatlantic Slavery and Legacies in Museums Forum is the first national network of its kind to share current discourse and create a narrative thread to fully represent slavery and its legacies in the UK.”

EVENTSMuseumand 70 Objeks and Tings Book

2-31  October 2021: 70 Objeks & Tings – Celebrating 70 Years of Caribbeans in the UK, Streetlife Museum

“70 Objeks & Tings is both an exhibition and a book that tells the stories of the Windrush Generation in their own words by Museumand, The National Caribbean Heritage Museum.” Related news article here.

2-28 October 2021: Bengal History Week 2021 – extended, Brick Lane Circle, Online/Offline

“For more than two decades, Brick Lane Circle has been working to help transform the intellectual landscape of the Bangladeshi community in the UK.”

2-31 October 2021: Windrush Cymru – Our Voices, Our Stories, Our History, Museum Wales, Various Venues

“This powerful exhibition features the stories of over 40 of those Windrush Generation Cymru, told in their own words. Learn about their journeys to Wales, and the challenges they faced in building a new life in a country far from their homelands – finding work and the attitudes of people towards them.”

From Bristol to Manchester

5 October 2021: From Bristol to Manchester: history and memory in our cities, Withworth Art Gallery Manchester/Livestream

“The panel will include Ray Barnett, Head of Collections and Archives at Bristol Museums, Dr Sadia Habib of The University of Manchester and Dr Joanna Burch-Brown of the University of Bristol. They will be joined by members of Manchester Museum’s Our Shared Cultural Heritage Young Collective. Chair: David Olusoga.”

7-9 October 2021: History Matters, New Perspectives Conference Day1, Day 2, Day 3, Online, by CSCP & Who do we think we are?

Day 1 of our New Perspectives conference. We explore themes of Organisation, Politics and Resistance in Black British history…Day 2 of our New Perspectives conference. Themes include the Early Modern Black presence, and Politics, Archives and Publication…Day 3 of our New Perspectives conference. Themes include Gender, Activism and Memory, and Community dynamics and Power…”

15 October 2021: Decolonisation and the New Museum Paradigm Conference & Pack, Postcolonial Heritage Research Group, Online

“The Postcolonial Heritage Research Group (PHRG) and The University of Sussex School of Media, Arts and Humanities are excited to present a new seminar series titled The New Museum Paradigm, which seeks to provide a common platform to promote complex and provocative research concerned with the social role of museums.”


15 October 2021: Rethinking the Lives of Black Victorians, The National Archives, Online

“In this enlightening talk, Caroline Bressey returns to the individuals she wrote about in her PhD and tells their stories in the context of the multi-cultural communities they lived and worked in…join us as she uncovers the spaces where black men and women could find work, in particular the circus and the theatre.”

October 2021: Being African in Hackney 1960-2020s Exhibition, Hackney Museum

“The objects, photographs and oral histories on display tell stories of people moving to and living, working, studying and growing up in Hackey, from the 1960s to today…” In Conversation Workshops start on 23 October 2021.

28 October 2021: Rethinking British Citizenship: The BNA 1981 from Decolonisation to Brexit, CSCP & Who do we think we are?, Online

“From Brexit and the EU settlement scheme to the bespoke visa offered to the people of Hong Kong, citizenship and migration are a regular feature of public and political debate. And with them, urgent questions of race, identity and belonging in Britain today.”

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