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This September issue invites you to read a new selection of resources on the heritage sector, as well as my article on the “decolonisation” process of the National Trust titled  The National Trust and Black Lives Matter: Too Little, Too Late?.

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Derwent Edge

The National Trust and Black Lives Matter: Too Little, Too Late?

By Thushari Perera, Black Europe Resources, 27 August 2020



Botanical Lady

Director of science at Kew: it’s time to decolonise botanical collections

By Alexandre Antonelli, The Conversation UK, 19 June 2020



Islamic Architecture

Looted landmarks: how Notre-Dame, Big Ben and St Mark’s were stolen from the east

By Oliver Wainwright, The Guardian, 13 August 2020



Mary Seacole Sketch

Statue of Crimean War heroine Mary Seacole fetches £101k at auction

By the  Press Association, Alloa Advertiser, 1st August 2020



Claudia Jones Blue Plaque

Black Lives Matter: English Heritage promise to review London’s famous blue plaques for slavery links

By Abbianca Makoni, The Evening Standard, 15 June 2020


Spy becomes first woman of south Asian descent to get blue plaque in London

By Lanre Bakare, The Guardian, 28 August 2020


Iconic Black Radio Station Choice FM To Get Blue Plaque – After Rebrand ‘Erased’ Its History

By Nadine White, Huffington Post UK, 11 August 2020


Current English Heritage Blue Plaques



British Currency

Campaigners seek to clarify confusion around UK’s Gandhi coin

Eastern Eye, 4 August 2020



Brutish Museum Book

Book – The Brutish Museums: The Benin Bronzes, Colonial Violence and Cultural Restitution

By Dan Hicks, Pluto Press, 2020


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