Sunday 13 September – Sunday 20 September 2020

Black Friars Talks


Highlights this year include Mary Beard, David Olusoga and Neil Gaiman, leading historian and broadcaster Michael Wood bringing to life the history of China, Olivette Otele talking about her new book African Europeans: An Untold History, Michael Scott star of the BBC TV series Ancient Invisible Cities and Festival President Janina Ramirez who shares enthralling tales of medieval women.

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Monday 14 September – Sunday 20 September 2020


Glasgow Doors Open Days

Various Webinars which you can book to join, including “Wikipedia & Activism: addressing untold stories in the Encyclopedia”, “Two Glasgows: Scotland, Linen and Clothing the Enslaved” and “The University of Glasgow – The Complexities of Commemorating Difficult Heritage” etc.

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